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What to Bring


A foldable chair: You are allowed to take your car on course, but depending on the weather, you may be more comfortable out in a chair


A Hat, Sunscreen & Bug Spray


A book: There can be downtime between levels while people reposition and jumps are adjusted. Reading material is fine, but an iPod may cause you to miss important information over the radio.


Drinks and snacks: You will be provided with lunch, snacks & as much water as you can drink. But if there is a comfort food that makes you happy on a long day, by all means, bring it!


Trash bag: Because you don't want to be a litterbug


A Watch: You may need to time any odd occurrences like holds on course


Foul-weather gear: The weatherman never gets it right. Be prepared for changes in temperatures or sudden rainstorms. And remember to dress in layers!


Muck boots or Wellies: Helpful for wet weather or assisting soaked riders out of the water jump


Cell Phone on Vibrate: Don't be that guy who's cell phone goes off mid approach to a maxed-out combination.


Anyone who has been involved with a horse trial knows how critical volunteers are for the execution of a successful event.


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