Official Photographer is GRC Photos

ONA Winner Jill Henneberg and  Kimora SDFHT 2-3-18
OPB Suzie Beal and Cooley   Streetwise SDFHT 2-3-18
OPA Winner Ryan Wood and Fernhill  Flame SDFHT 2-3-18
NRB Winner Rowan Edmonds and   Liberty Bell SDFHT 2-3-18
OBN Winner Kelsey Horne and   Swingtown SDFHT 2-3-18
OTA Winner Ryan Woods and Billy  McClusky SDFHT 2-3-18
PT Winner Jackie LeMastus and   Indian Mill SDFHT 2-3-18
PR Winner Samantha Hay and Tre'   Jolie SDFHT 2-3-18
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Joannah Hall Glass

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Co-Organizer and Sponsorship Mgr.
Molly Hooper Bull

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Event Secretary

Cindy Wood

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Since 1988, Sporting Days Farm has provided a fun, safe, and educational experience for all equestrian activities.