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Sporting Days Farm
         Welcome to our 2023 Schooling Show Schedule  


Sun.   May 21, 2023  XC Schooling                                                                                                          Sat.   June 10, 2023  CT, Dressage, Jumper, XC Derby                                                                Sat. & Sun July 29-30 2023   CT, Dressage, Jumper , XC (2 phase and 3 phase)        Sat.  Sep 2, 2023    CT, Dressage, Jumper, $150 XC  Derby                                                     Sat. & Sun. Oct 28-29 2023    CT, Dressage, Jumper, XC (2 phase and 3 phase)         Sat.  Nov 11, 2023 CT, Dressage, Jumper, XC Derby                                                                   Sat.    Nov 11, 2023      Sporting Days Farm Awards Banquet

Our Schooling shows have Choice of CT, Dressage TOC, Jumper Rounds, XC (3 phase) and a $150 XC Derby. We offer divisions from Prelim to poles on the ground. Our XC Derby is a combination of stadium jumps with XC jumps, the derby only goes from Starter level to Novice level. It will be timed but no distance, ties will be broken by an ideal time, but ideal time will not be disclosed. Payout is $70, $50, $30. (If Derby has less than 5 entries, payout is less, but will not run if it has less than 3 entries) CTs are $45, Dressage TOC are $30, Jumper Rounds are $15, XC (3 Phase) is $100, XC Derby is $60.

To enter for our schooling show, please use

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