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February 5, 2017  •  March 4 & 5, 2017  •  April 22, 2017


December 29, 2016


Dear Friends, Old and New of Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials,


Congratulations to our Rio Olympic Eventers & Phillip Dutton, Medalist and Winter Resident of our town!

We had a wonderful 2016 season of competitions December - April.  A record number of entries attended our February and March Horse Trials which included the Second year of the “Cross Border Team Challenge” for Young Riders.  90 (Up by Ten!) Young Riders from 9 different states participated, making up a large percentage of our 400 entrants from 33 States and 3 countries. This year we will continue the Challenge in March with the addition of a Volunteer/Competitor Party on Saturday and a Charity Brunch on Sunday.  2017 looks to be a great Season.  Our super team has been busy at work with Ginny Allen again in charge of our “Get Involved” department on the ground and on the Web.  Pam McNair joins us as Paint Master, Cheryl Robertson, joins as Facebook and Web Master. Bambi Glaccum is indispensible along with Sue Huff being “Jill” of all things Horse Trials and thankfully, Anne Dearborn on board as an Exec-Organizer.

Sporting Days Farm operates as an equestrian facility located 5.5 miles from the edge of Aiken on 139 acres and hosts four USEF/USEA recognized horse trials in Area 3.  It is over 26 years young and Joannah was the first to host such a competition in Aiken. Sporting Days donates a portion of the entry fees to the Montmorenci Volunteer Fire Department each year. Event riders and horse owners are a financially diverse group, who are extremely dedicated to the animals and their sport. Historically eventing was a cavalry test for officers, which led to the military competing in the Olympics. It was relegated to men only until 1964 when Lana Dupont Wright broke the gender barrier and women began to qualify for the Olympics in eventing. It is a popular spectator sport and we enjoy high attendance in our area.

Sporting Days is committed to providing our Sponsors & Friends with a high level of benefits. Not only do we have prepared packages, but we can also customize a package for you. As a sponsor, you will be invited to all events’ Welcome Receptions along with our March Horse Trials The your name here Competitor’s Dinner and any other activities. Our Horse Trials and in particular the March Horse Trials gives sponsors an extended national opportunity for corporate branding and marketing. Please take a moment to inspect our Sponsorship Levels and different opportunities such as Advertising, Vending and Volunteering as your involvement with our Horse Trials. You will receive exposure in one or all of our events, on our Facebook and Website with links.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ginny Allen, 803-270-4960 or OR

Joannah Glass at 610-613-2010 text/mobile, email: with any questions.

We look forward to your involvement with our USEF/USEA Sporting Farm Horse Trials 2017.


Attached you will find a PDF of necessary information on the rates sheets, sizes, for Sponsorships and Advertising, etc. during the entire series from February through December. 


Economic Impact of the Aiken Equestrian Industry

  • An annual cost per horse in Aiken County tops $7,393.00, which amounts to $71.82 million in total spending  

produced by the equestrian sector.

  • The Aiken Equestrian Industry accounts for 1,814 full-time workers.

  • There are $16.93 million in income effects that result directly from the local equestrian industry.

  • In total, the impact of the Aiken equestrian industry on household income is estimated to be $19.25 million annually.

  • The majority of the equestrian activities are pleasure related (48 %), followed by competition (21 %), breeding (18 %), and racing (13 %). More specific activities within major categories include polo (21 %), jumper/hunter (19 %), fox hunting (17 %),

trail riding (14 %), flat racing-steeplechase (12 %), dressage (8 %), driving (5 %), and other (4 %).

  • The estimated total equine inventory in Aiken County tops 6,785 horses.

  • The dominant breed is Thoroughbred (32 %), followed by Quarter Horse (22 %), Warm Blood (9 %), Ponies (9 %), Tennessee Walker (6 %), Pinto/Paint (6 %), Miniature (5 %), Mules & Donkeys (4 %), Draft Horses (2 %), and several other breeds (5 %).


3549 Charleston Hwy., Aiken, SC 29801 • 803-648-0100 •

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